We offer a variety of heated and non-heated classes as indicated in the name.

Acroyoga - Nonheated

Yoga and acrobatics blend together to form Acroyoga. We work together using spotters to ensure a safe environment where we can lift up and support our friends. No experience or partner necessary. Join our Acro class if you like to have fun and work as a member of a team to do amazing things with your body!

Ananda Yoga For Higher Awareness- The Primary purpose of Ananda Yoga is to Raise Consciousness. As a true Raja Yoga approach to Hatha Yoga, Ananda focuses on magnetizing energy up the spine to the point between the eyebrows or the spiritual eye. We do this by using asana, pranayama, and meditation techniques to magnetically draw prana up the spine to the brain. Ananda Yoga also uses affirmations to add a mental component to the experience and help us transcend from a state of sub-conscious to a state of Superconscious. This inward approach to Ananda Yoga will raise your awareness and prepare you for true meditation which will fill your life with richness and help you experience your own divinity!

Ananda Yoga - Heated

Tap into your roots and move your body in this bodyweight strength training class. You will move in fun ways and support yourself through a variety of movements. No experience necessary, just a willingness to move, have fun, and get strong! 

Animal Flow - Heated

Beginner's Hot Yoga 

Beginner's hot yoga is perfect for learning how to do yoga in a hot environment. This class will be slower with lots of break and safely help you learn the skills to progress to any yoga class we offer at the studio. No experience necessary. Everyone is welcome.

Buti® Yoga - Nonheated

Flow, dance, and spiral your body to tribal and hip-hot beats in Buti® Yoga. This fusion of dynamic movement, deep core strengthening, and cardio-intensive dance will energize you from the inside out. Everyone is welcome to attend a Buti Yoga class. Benefits of Buti® Yoga include freedom in your hips and freedom in your heart!

Buti® Yoga - Heated

Try our loved Buti® Yoga. practice in the heat! Modifications for the elevated temperatures are made to ensure you get the workout you love and the sweat in your body while maintaining healthy movements!

Come for the fun.... And love the sweat!!!! Hot Power Yoga is an energizing strength focused class sure to make you feel good. You will create a foundation of strength and balance while flowing through vinyasa and building heat, strength, and flexibility. This class is all levels and welcomes everyone who wants to join the fun.

Hot Power Yoga

Hot Vinyasa Yoga

Heat up, turn on, and tune in for our heated vinyasa flow yoga offerings. The room is hot and the pace will be smooth flowing from one posture to the next. Cultivate balance, strength, and flexibility while feeling the heat. Your yoga practice and life will benefit from attending hot vinyasa flow yoga!

Let's work out and get fit yoga style in the heat! Yoga sculpt will tone, work, carve, and sculpt your body through various yoga inspired movements and exercises. Move to the beat of the music and feel your energy skyrocket! Come for the sweat, fun, and burn and leave feeling energized and ready to take on anything the world has to offer. 

Hot Yoga Sculpt

Hot Yin Yoga

Balance your dynamic asana practice with static postures and long holds in Hot Yin Yoga. This class is designed to open into the connective tissue throughout your entire body. You will find a deep connection to your physical body while harnessing mental strength to sit in a hot room and hold poses for multiple minutes. 

Restorative Yoga - Nonheated

Restorative yoga is a gentle practice to soothe your mind and calm your nerves. You will stretch with ease using supports and bolsters. Feel the relaxing effects of a restorative practice.

Hatha Yoga - Nonheated

Hatha yoga is a balancing and energizing practice connecting mind, body, and soul. This non-heated offering will guide you into asana, meditation, pranayama, and savasana. Everyone is welcome to connect to their roots and grow their practice in our traditional yoga offering.

Move and flow in this non-heated yoga class. You will generate heat from the inside out and create strength and flexibility through the movements. Attention to breath will take you deeper into your practice as you enjoy a fun-filled yoga practice. This class is open and available to everyone.

Vinyasa Yoga - Nonheated

Yoga and music combine for this amazing hour of Yoga Beatz. Move your body in a vinyasa flow while listening to music that will open your heart and mind. This class is fun, bouncy, and energizing! Get ready for the weekend with Yoga Beatz. Stay tuned for our house DJ Michael Abojee. He will play a live set every other Friday night.

Yoga Beatz - Nonheated

Yoga Caliente en Espanol - Hot



Yoga Caliente en Espanol is taught in Spanish. Yoga builds strength, flexibility, and balance in the body. It also has many benefits for calming the mind. In this heated vinyasa flow class, students will connect with their body through movement. Everyone is welcome and no experience necessary to join.

Yoga Caliente en Español es disponible en español. La yoga construye fuerza, flexibilidad y equilibrio en el cuerpo. También tiene muchos beneficios para calmar la mente. En esta calurosa clase de flujo de Vinyasa, los estudiantes se conectarán con su cuerpo a través del movimiento. Todos son bienvenidos y no se necesita experiencia para unirse.

Join our lunchtime yoga session for a 30 minute break from your day. You will find peace through movement and breath as you are guided through a gentle yet energizing yoga flow. This class is welcome to everyone. And our showers are available post-yoga to get back to work so fresh and so clean!

30 Minute Hot Yoga