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Etiquette and Expectations

Arrive before class and be on your mat ready to go at the beginning of the class period.

  • Book online to reserve your space and for ease of entry into the studio.

  • Doors will open 20 minutes before class start time.

  • No cell phones in the studio.

  • The front door will be locked at the start time for each class. This is to ensure that we all benefit from the intentional space at the beginning of each class and do not disrupt those who did arrive in a timely fashion.

  • For hot yoga classes, please have a mat, hot yoga specific towel, and water.

  • For nonheated yoga classes, please have your mat and water bottle.

  • Take care in the clothing you select and do not wear clothing that may reveal yourself. Keep your private parts private.

  • Stay the duration of the entire class period. If you must leave early, perhaps select another class that will fit into your schedule.

  • No shoes on the flooring. Please place your shoes in the shoe cubby and walk barefooot throughout the rest of the studio.

  • Please limit your showers to 5 minutes to share ensure everyone needing a shower gets a turn.

  • Let the management know if you observe anything that needs attention.

  • Enjoy your practice and the benefits that come with it!